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Virginia Hill, Bendigo

Project update

We are planning for the future of social and affordable housing in Virginia Hill, Bendigo.

We know that the Bendigo community needs more high quality social and affordable housing. Virginia Hill neighbourhood in Eaglehawk has been identified for investment as part of the Big Housing Build.

The project will transform this neighbourhood in the heart of Eaglehawk with modern housing, new pedestrian and vehicle connections and better public spaces. The project will provide more than 100 new homes to replace the existing 64 ageing houses.

Community consultation as part of the master planning process has helped shape the early plans of the Virginia Hill Big Housing Build.

Community consultation on the proposed project designs is planned for 2024.

Virginia Hill master plan

What is a master plan?

A master plan provides a shared vision for how a neighbourhood may grow and develop in the future. This then guides future investment to enable new housing, better connections and high-quality streets and public spaces.

Vision for Virginia Hill, Bendigo

Working with stakeholders and communities, Homes Victoria has developed the Virginia Hill master plan. This master plan shapes the renewal and revitalisation of Virginia Hill. It outlines the shared vision for new homes, better connections for people and places, and access to quality public green space. 

The homes will be located within a neighbourhood of new high-quality streets and open public spaces that better respond to the community’s needs. Improved access and paths, better lighting, landscaping and areas for social interaction will help to make Virginia Hill a great place to live in and to visit. 

Conversations with community and key stakeholders will continue throughout the process of developing the Virginia Hill neighbourhood. 

To find out more about the master plan and how the community has shaped the plan, visit Engage Victoria.  

Download the master plan

What you need to know

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The project is located on Homes Victoria land in the Virginia Hill neighbourhood of Eaglehawk, City of Greater Bendigo.

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Environmentally efficient design, means that the homes will be more comfortable, as well as less expensive to heat and cool. They will carry a 5-star Green Star rating and a 7-star NatHERS average rating.

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The development will include a mix of 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom homes, responding to the changing need of households in Victoria.

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More than 100 new homes will replace the existing 64 ageing dwellings that are no longer fit for purpose.

Icon of a person in wheelchair approaching a wide doorway

At least 5% of the new social housing homes will be easy to access for Victorians with disabilities.

Further information is available on the National Construction Code website.


Virginia Hill neighbourhood, Eaglehawk

City of Greater Bendigo

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/8GQh6EyREUeGk6Hd6

Current and upcoming works

Site establishment works: March 2023 – Mid 2023 

Start of works: March 2023 

Duration: 6 months

Details: Contractors will be on-site in March to carry out site inspections and a land survey.  

Land survey works include measuring existing ground levels and locating underground services, including sewer, gas, electricity, telecommunications and water.  

You may see contractors walking around the Virginia Hill neighbourhood.  
Contractors will be using surveying tools such as tripods, GPS equipment and survey drones.   

Start of works: March 2023 

Duration: 7 months 

Details: Demolition works will start in March as we begin to prepare the site for new housing in Virginia Hill.  

The demolition process involves:

  • Safe removal of asbestos using specialised asbestos removalists.    
  • Demolition of existing houses and all above-ground structures.   
  • Minor ground excavation to remove underground pipes and services.   
  • Increase in truck movement as debris is removed from the site.  

Temporary fencing will be installed around the demolition site during the works. All demolition works will be carried out safely and we will do our best to minimise inconvenience for residents.  

At times, there may be:   

  • Local traffic changes  
  • High-level noise  
  • Dust  
  • Medium level vibration  
  • Heavy machinery operating  

Contractors will use control measures, such as dust suppression and noise reduction equipment, to reduce impacts as much as possible.  

Project timeline

  • Introduction of the project to community through local event

    Late 2019

  • Community consultation on the key directions begins

    Early 2020

  • Consultation with community on the draft master plan


  • Finalising master plan in response to consultation outcomes


  • Release of the master plan and start of site works


  • Community consultation on Big Housing Build


  • Construction commences


  • Project completion


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