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Retiring our older high-rise housing

Homes Victoria has begun taking steps towards retiring 44 of our older public housing towers in Victoria.

The High-rise redevelopment project will retire and transform 44 older-style towers over the coming years and decades to deliver modern, accessible homes, and better community facilities to enrich our communities.

Homes Victoria CEO Simon Newport described the project as a “big but important” project in the Victorian housing landscape.

“It’s time for us to take the next big step toward providing more modern, accessible and energy efficient homes close to shops, transport and services so more Victorians have a great place to call home,” Mr Newport said.

“All Victorians deserve safe, secure and affordable housing and our older public housing towers are coming to the end of their operational life and no longer feasible or possible to continue to repair them to meet current building and living standards our renters need.”

The first high-rise sites due for redevelopment by 2031 were announced last week and include:

  • 120 Racecourse Road, Flemington
  • 12 Holland Court, Flemington
  • 33 Alfred Street, North Melbourne
  • 20 Elgin Street, Carlton (By 2028)
  • 141 Nicholson Street, Carlton (By 2028)

More details for these sites will be provided in late 2023.

Supporting renters

Homes Victoria will support renters every step of the way throughout the project. All residents will be provided with comprehensive information and support (including in-language information) over the coming months about next steps.  

“The plan to retire the towers will take some time but we are committed to providing a dedicated and experienced team to work with renters and community through this process.”

“Nothing is changing overnight. Renters won’t need to move home straight away,” Mr Newport said.

“Retiring our older public housing towers will take some time and we will ensure renters continue to have a place to call home as this work progresses.

“In the coming months, we’ll be talking with renters to understand their individual housing needs.”

Homes Victoria team members will be visiting sites to answer questions and provide advice and support to renters.

“Renters and community are at the centre of this program and we will support them every step of the way.

“The plan to retire the towers will take some time but we are committed to providing a dedicated and experienced team to work with renters and community through this process.”

More information

For more information visit the High-rise redevelopment landing page, call 1800 716 866 where interpreters are available or email enquiries@homes.vic.gov.au  

Times and dates for community information pop-ups will be on our website and in building foyers.  

For a list of frequently asked questions, visit the High-rise redevelopment FAQ page.

For information in languages other than English, visit our translated resource page.

Stay up to date with High-rise development , including community consultation events, project updates and more by signing up to the High-rise redevelopment mailing list here.

Which older-style high rise will be retired?

Western Division


  • 20 Elgin Street  
  • 141 Nicholson Street
  • 510 Lygon Street
  • 530 Lygon Street
  • 480 Lygon Street
  • 478 Drummond Street  


  • 29 Crown Street  
  • 12 Holland Court
  • 120 Racecourse Road
  • 130 Racecourse Road
  • 126 Racecourse Road


  • 127 Gordon Street  


  • 94 Ormond Street  
  • 56 Derby Street

North Melbourne  

  • 12 Sutton Street
  • 33 Alfred Street  
  • 159 Melrose Street  
  • 76 Canning Street


  • 235 Nelson Place
  • 63 Hamner Street  

North Division


  • 351 Barkly Street  


  • 240 Wellington Street
  • 253 Hoddle Street
  • 229 Hoddle Street


  • 125 Napier Street
  • 140 Brunswick Street
  • 90 Brunswick Street
  • 95 Napier Street


  • 1 Holmes Street


  • 106 Elizabeth Street
  • 108 Elizabeth Street
  • 110 Elizabeth Street
  • 112 Elizabeth Street
  • 139 Highett Street

South Division

Albert Park

  • 150 Victoria Avenue  
  • South Melbourne
  • 332 Park Street  
  • 200 Dorcas Street  

South Yarra

  • 1 Surrey Road  
  • 2 Simmons Street
  • 259 Malvern Road


  • 25 King Street
  • 27 King Street

St Kilda

  • 150 Inkerman Street