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Elizabeth Street, North Richmond

Project update

We're delivering new, well-designed, safe and secure social housing in North Richmond.

The new buildings to be established in the vicinity of 147 - 161 Elizabeth Street, Richmond will deliver well designed, safe, secure and modern social housing. 

This project will build an environment that is welcoming, inclusive and appropriate for the neighbourhood. We will also make sure that the dwellings in this development will reflect the needs of those that live in this community.

What you need to know

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The project is located on Homes Victoria land at Elizabeth Street, North Richmond.

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City of Yarra

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The Victorian Government is investing $71 million in the development at Richmond.

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The development at Richmond is creating 540 jobs.

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The development at Richmond will include 144 homes.

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The development will include 5 per cent of Disability Discrimination Act fully accessible homes.

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Key features

  • The project will promote good design, make the most of open space and will incorporate Office of the Victorian Government Architect involvement and expertise in the development of design proposals for the site.
  • Environmentally efficient design, meaning the homes will be more comfortable as well as less expensive to heat and cool carrying a 5-star Green Star rating and a 7-star NatHERS average rating.
  • The redevelopment will include a range of homes including 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes, responding to the changing needs of households in Victoria.
  • All new homes built by Homes Victoria as part of the Big Housing Build will have a minimum Silver rating from Livable Housing Australia.
  • At least 5 per cent of the new social housing homes will be easy to access for Victorians with disabilities. This includes drop-off areas, paths, lifts and car parking. Inside the home, kitchens, bathrooms and storage will also be very accessible.


  • Commencement

    Early 2023

  • Completion

    Estimated for mid-2025

Current and upcoming works

If you have any questions about planned works you can email us at hvrichmond@kane.com.au or call the project hotline on 1800 497 087

Start date: August 2023

Duration: 6 months

Details: Excavation works will start in August as we lead into construction of the new housing in North Richmond.

The process involves: 

  • Ground excavation to remove underground pipes and services.  
  • Increase in truck movement as material is removed from the site. 
  • Structural works including piling.
  • Bulk excavation of Basement.

All excavation works will be carried out safely and we will do our best to minimise inconvenience for residents. 

At times there may be:  

  • local traffic changes 
  • increased-level noise
  • dust 
  • medium level vibration 
  • heavy machinery operating. 

Contractors will use control measures, such as dust suppression and noise reduction equipment, to reduce impacts as much as possible.

Works will be carried out from Monday to Friday 7am-5pm and Saturday 9am-3pm.

If works are scheduled out of hours, we will provide further information to you before works start.

Please note that works may be rescheduled in the event of bad weather or other unavoidable circumstances.

Start date: August 2023

Duration: 3 weeks

Details: Contractors will be on-site in August and September 2023 to complete the installation offixed hoarding around the construction site in preparation for construction of the new homes.

You will see contractors and some machinery around Elizabeth Street.

At times there may be: 

  • local traffic changes
  • some noise and dust
  • heavy machinery operating.

The footpath between Williams and Cooke Court will be closed during construction of the new homes at 147 - 161 Elizabeth Street.  

Access to Williams and Cooke Court will be from Elizabeth Street.  Pedestrian access along Elizabeth Street will be maintained during construction. 

In March, we let the community know that we had found some fragments of hazardous materials at the construction site on Elizabeth Street. Since then, the materials found in the soil have been tested and safely removed. 

These works are now completed and construction of the new homes will resume.

Start date: June 2023

Duration: 3 months

Details: Our builder, Kane Constructions safely removed the affected soil between June and August 2023.

These works posed no risk to the public.

To ensure workers are safe, they are required by law to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which includes masks and white protective suits. We understand this might be confronting for some residents, but we want to assure everyone that it is purely a safety requirement for workers when they are removing debris.

All works took place in the fenced construction area and were closely supervised. Removal of hazardous materials is undertaken by specialist contractors in line with Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and WorkSafe requirements.

Works notices

Start of construction works

Hazardous materials and footpath closure notice

Soil and debris removal works 

Contact us

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For languages other than English, please call 131 450.


The North Richmond community has been actively involved in helping shape the Big Housing Build project on Elizabeth Street and development of the North Richmond master plan.

147 - 161 Elizabeth Street 

In September and October 2021, we asked the community and key stakeholders for feedback on the early designs for the new homes to be built at 147 - 161 Elizabeth Street. 

We asked for further community feedback to put the final touches on the design and planning documents in November and December 2021. 

Visit Engage Victoria to read more about the community consultation process.

Master plan  

We're preparing a master plan for the North Richmond housing site to guide development and growth across the precinct over the next 10 years. 

The master plan will provide a future vision for the North Richmond housing site.  

In April and May 2022, we heard from over 300 community members about their feedback on the draft plan. This feedback will be used to finalise the North Richmond master plan.  

Visit Engage Victoria to read more about the draft master plan community consultation process.