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About the project

The renewal of Bangs Street, Prahran will replace old housing that does not meet the needs of those who live there with well designed, modern and energy efficient dwellings that improve the local area.   

The project will deliver 445 new homes, including a mix of social and private rental homes.   

The supply of more homes will help tackle the growing problem of housing affordability and increase housing options including secure, longer-term rentals in the local area. ....   

Key features

Location map

Located 5 km from the city center in the City of Stonington, close to Prahran and Windsor railway stations, multiple tram and bus routes, hospitals, education facilities, and employment and support services.

A house with a door and a a chimney

A mix of social and market rental homes, including a range of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom dwellings.

Person in wheelchair approaching wide doorway

At least 5% of the new social housing will be designed to be accessible for Victorians with disabilities. This includes external features such as drop-off areas, paths, lifts and car parking, and internal features like kitchens, bathrooms and storage. 

Icon depicting house with sun above

New homes at the site will be more comfortable and less expensive to heat and cool with a 5-star Green Star rating, and 7-star NatHERS average rating.  

Icon of a bike

Quality paths and connections through the site for pedestrians and cyclists.

Icon depicting a bench, tree and sun

Safe and publicly accessible open and green spaces, including 1,500 sqm of new open space providing a connection between Bangs Street and Bendigo Street.

Illustration of two trees

Shared spaces for community activities and commercial tenants.

Icon depicting a house and a plan

Good design that makes the most of open space and incorporates feedback from the Office of the Victorian Government Architect.  

Icon depicting a certificate and ribbon.

A minimum Silver level certification from Livable Housing Australia.

What will the new homes look like?

Artist impressions

Note: These drawings are indicative only.

Landscape design

Bangs Street, Prahran — Artist Impression — Landscape Design

Download the full landscape design

How will the new homes be built?  

In a first of its kind for social housing in Victoria, this site will be delivered through a Ground Lease Model.  Through a partnerships approach, vacant land will be leased to a not-for-profit project consortium that will finance, design, construct, maintain and manage the sites for 40 years, before handing all land and buildings back to Homes Victoria. 

Read more about the Ground Lease Model.  

Our partners for Bangs Street, Prahran 

Not-for-profit project group Building Communities has been appointed as the project partner for the new housing being delivered at Bangs Street, Prahran.      

Social enterprise partnerships  

We are committed to delivering opportunities for people to access jobs and build skills while we build the new homes.

Community consultation  

We have completed multiple phases of community consultation for the Bangs Street redevelopment since 2012.   

This feedback has shaped the planning and designs for the new homes.  

You can read about the engagement activities and outcomes on the Bangs Street, Prahran housing Engage Victoria page

Community committee  

The department established a Community Committee for the renewal of the Bangs Street, Prahran site in 2017.  

The committee enables ongoing and two-way feedback by bringing together community members and representatives of local organizations to provide advice and share relevant local context.  

The committee is not currently taking on new members.  

Community Artwork 

Homes Victoria, in partnership with Stonnington City Council, commissioned the artist Giovanna Da Silva to produce a mural to be displayed on the hoarding around the site. Giovanna’s work was inspired by local community members responses to the questions ‘What does home mean to you?’ and ‘What are your great moments of discovery in Prahran?’  

View transcript

About the artwork – A statement from the artist 

The ‘Pran Stories’ mural was created through the early months of 2022 inspired by themes of ‘home’, my personal experiences living on Bangs st and input from the local residents. The community was invited to respond to the questions 'what does home mean to you' and 'what have been some moments of discovery in Prahran’ to inspire my process. This made the creation of this work feel like a collaboration between the diverse Prahran community and myself. 

Having lived and worked on Bangs st through 2020 I developed a strong connection with the area. During this period Prahran’s beauty became one of my few sources of inspiration due to the state of the world – the parks, architecture, food, coffee and the simple but at the time entertaining midnight walks to convenience stores were a few of the things that kept me feeling hopeful.  

Upon receiving the heartfelt responses from the community I found many similarities within the answers, in turn creating a sense of communal appreciation for the area. I built on what we learnt from the responses through my own research of Prahran; taking long curious walks around the neighbourhood in which I came across new intriguing discoveries.  

I then decided I wanted the essence of this mural to be a playful reflection on my time spent here, drawing from colours and architectural elements found locally while also reflecting on ideas voiced by the community. I completed this mural in hopes that it will strike nostalgia and be enjoyed for years to come by the ones who will cross paths with it in their every-day lives. You can visit the artwork around the perimeter of the Bangs Street site. 

View transcript

Project timeline

  • Phase 1 community consultation

    Late 2016

  • Phase 2 community consultation

    Early 2017

  • Phase 3 community consultation

    Late 2017

  • Building communities appointed as project partner

    Mid 2021

  • Phase 4 community consultation

    August 2021

  • Project granted consent by DELWP

    December 2021

  • Construction commencement

    Early 2022

  • Completion

    Estimated 2024

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