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About the High-rise redevelopment

Moving towards retiring our older high-rise housing.

All Victorians deserve safe, secure and affordable housing. It’s time for us to take the next big step toward providing more modern, accessible and energy efficient homes, close to shops, transport and services so more Victorians have a great place to call home.

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Retiring our older towers

Our older public housing towers are coming to the end of their operational life. The unique design of the buildings also means it is no longer feasible to continue to upgrade the high-rise buildings to the quality, comfort and standards renters deserve. 

Homes Victoria is taking steps towards retiring our older public housing towers.

Homes Victoria will retire and transform 44 older-style towers across Melbourne over the coming years. We will deliver modern, accessible homes, and better community facilities.

All renters will be provided with comprehensive information and support (including in-language information) over the coming months about next steps as we move to retire high-rise housing and build new, more and better housing.

Download the High-rise redevelopment flyer below:

The first towers

The first high-rises due for redevelopment by 2031 as part of the High-rise redevelopment program are:

  • 120 Racecourse Road, Flemington
  • 12 Holland Court, Flemington
  • 33 Alfred Street, North Melbourne
  • 20 Elgin Street, Carlton (By 2028)
  • 141 Nicholson Street, Carlton (By 2028)

More details for these sites will be released in late 2023, following engagement with our renters and communities.

What this means for renters living in older high-rise housing

Retiring the older public housing towers will improve the quality, comfort and liveability of housing for our renters and people who need housing.

A redevelopment of this size and scale will take time and renters will not need to move homes straight away.

We will work with renters and communities over the coming weeks and months. This will include getting a good understanding of our renters' housing needs.

We will keep working with our renters so they continue to have a safe and secure place to call home as the redevelopment program progresses. 

Listening to community

We are here to listen. As work progresses toward retiring our older high-rise towers, we are here to understand the aspirations of both our renters and communities.  

In the coming months, we will be talking with renters to understand:

  • what is important to them and their community
  • how they want to receive information and
  • their individual housing choices and needs.

We will be available in person in the coming days and weeks to answer questions and provide advice and support. 

Supporting our renters  

Renters and their community are at the centre of this program – we will support them every step of the way.

We will work closely with renters and communities to make sure people have the information they need, when they need it. 

While the plan to retire the towers will take some time, our dedicated and experienced housing staff will work with renters through this process.