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A place to call home

Find out about our long term strategy and vision for the future of Victoria's social housing system.

More homes for more Victorians

This plan for social and affordable housing is a generational change. It will make sure social housing operates sustainably, and can grow to meet the changing needs of Victorians into the future.

This $5.3 billion investment sits alongside reforms that will support this growth and sets out the future direction for our social housing system. 

A joint vision for Victoria’s social housing system

A 10-year strategy for social and affordable housing will be developed with the not-for-profit sector and industry.

Rolling 4-year supply and delivery plans will offer guidance to the market, and ensure a high quality pipeline of social and affordable housing developments.

A stronger and more capable social housing system

An independent review of Victoria’s social housing regulatory system will strengthen oversight of community and public housing. The review will consider how the system can better support resident and community outcomes, with a stronger focus on the voices of residents. We will work to reduce administrative burdens on providers and harmonise the regulation of public and community housing.

A Community Housing sector development fund will support the capacity of not-for-profit housing providers to help deliver on this historic package.

Read more about the Review of Social Housing Regulation 

A sustainable and renewed public housing portfolio

Public housing rents are capped at 25 per cent of household income. We will review rental policies to align rents to make sure public housing tenants are treated equally, while guaranteeing a cap of 25 per cent of income on rent. 

There is also new funding for the public housing system of $300 million in this package – and funding into the future – making sure there is ongoing growth in public housing and that existing homes are well maintained.

Over time, redeveloping and renewing social housing will require some households to relocate when construction is underway. It also means more housing can be built to accommodate more Victorians currently on the waiting list. We will work with residents to match alternative housing to their needs.

A new partnership with local government

We will work with local governments to develop a social and affordable housing compact - this will include an important role for local government in identifying priorities for social housing growth in their municipality. It will also seek to bring social housing closer to the treatment of other valuable public infrastructure such as schools and hospitals, which are exempt from council rates.

This change reflects the public benefit that access to safe, secure and affordable housing brings to local communities.

More homes for more people

As part of Victoria's Big Build there will be more homes for Aboriginal people, victim survivors of family violence and people living with mental illness. 

One in every 10 people who are applicants for social housing on the Victorian Housing Register are Aboriginal Victorians. This is why 10 per cent of Victoria’s social housing boost will be targeted to housing developments to meet the needs of Aboriginal Victorians. This underscores the Victorian Government’s commitment to advancing self-determination of Aboriginal housing outcomes.

The package will increase housing for Aboriginal Victorians through both Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations and mainstream public and community housing providers.

Nearly one in 10 priority applicants on the Victorian Housing Register are victim survivors of family violence. The chance to move into a safe home and rebuild lives in a new environment is something the Big Housing Build will give many Victorian women and their children.

The Big Housing Build is expected to deliver a safe home for as many as 1,000 victim survivors of family violence across Victoria.

One in every 4 priority applicants currently on the Victorian Housing Register are Victorians living with a mental illness. Stable housing is an essential element in both preventing, and recovering from mental health issues.

The Big Housing Build will ensure Victorians living with a mental illness can secure a place to call home. The Big Housing Build is expected to house more than 2,000 additional Victorians with mental illness. The provision of safe, secure and stable social housing will enable Victorians living with mental illness to access support and live a life they value, knowing they have a place to call home.